Meet Some Friends From The Paramount for Tapas at Jaleo

Tapas bars are having a moment right now, and spots like Jaleo are at the forefront of the movement. This Crystal Drive establishment is the place to go for interesting Spanish-inspired small plates. 

How should you start your dinner here? Perhaps with an order of Pan de cristal con tomate, which pairs a uniquely textured toast with brushes of fresh tomato. Alternately, go a different route with bread and order the Flauta de jamón ibérico de bellota, which is topped with legendary cured ham sourced from acorn-fed pigs. There are plenty of ways to enjoy this type of pork here, including as a sausage. Be sure to check out the assortment of cheeses, too. Manchego is a fan favorite. The menu only gets better from there, with a dazzling array of seafood, vegetable, meat, and fried dishes.  Not sure what to pick? Don’t worry, there are tasting menus available after 4pm every day. The selections here range from traditional to modern, with everything in between. If you really want to enjoy an authentic experience, opt for the Spanish Sips package, which pairs your selections with carefully selected wines.

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