Add a Visit to the International Spy Museum to Your Summer Bucket List

Want to learn more about history’s international men and women of mystery? Visit the International Spy Museum on L’Enfant Plaza. This public museum is the only one on American soil that’s exclusively dedicated to espionage. That makes it perhaps the best place to gain an international perspective on this nearly-invisible field of work. 

The museum offers a multimedia experience, one where you can see, hear, and read a multitude of stories that make up the history of spies. Hear first hand anecdotes from former spies, and learn more about the historical context and motivations that propelled some of the world’s most secret missions. One of the most interesting parts about the International Spy Museum is its collection of espionage artifacts, the largest of its kind. Many of these are making their first-ever public appearance. From the KGB’s “lipstick pistol” to the Minox spy camera, these gadgets and tools illustrate the work that is espionage, as well as the techniques and tactics that were used to shape the history of the world.

The museum is open seven days a week. Tickets range from free (for children under seven) to $22.95.

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