Enjoy Craft Beer at Heritage Brewing Co.

The founders of Heritage Brewing Co. take great pride in their all-American roots, which is something that you’ll see reflected in their craft brews. Take the Freedom Isn’t Free, for example. The IPA’s name is a nod to the men and women who have bravely served the country in combat. It honors them with a strong, bold brew infused with floral and citrus flavors.

Heritage Brewing Co. brews a handful of other staples year-round as well, including the American Expedition honey-ginger lager, the Force Multiplier double DIPA, and the Kings Mountain Scotch Ale. The brewers also churn out limited-release beers throughout the year for a collection they call Lincoln’s Hat. Depending on the season, you might see brews such as The Battle of White Marsh Belgian spiced ale or the Bradford harvest ale on the tap list.

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