Stimulate Children’s Imaginations With Open Play at Nook

If you're looking for a place for your kids to spend some quality time playing, pay a visit to Nook on Lee Highway. Nook is a neighborhood indoor play studio where kids and their parents can stretch their imaginations in a safe setting.

Nook is not your typical kids’ play place. The spot is sleek and modern with minimal furniture and softer colors than your average kid-centered spot. The people at Nook want kids to use their imaginations as much as possible without over-stimulating them with toys and too many colors. The name comes from the way the space is organized into little nooks specific to a theme of play, such as art, music and climbing, and more. You can bring your little ones to Nook whenever you want, and prices start at $20 for a full day pass. If you think Nook will become part of your regular routine, you can join as a member for $120, which gets you unlimited play time.

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