Find Classic Deli Favorites and Vegetarian Items at On Rye

Located just a few miles away from The Paramount, On Rye is a hip, new deli serving New York classics. This cool eatery serves all of your deli favorites, but with a modern twist.

The matzo ball soup is a comforting variation with the addition of dill, while vegetarians can order a portobello ruben, with portobello mushrooms in place of corned beef. On Rye also, of course, serves corned beef, pastrami, roasted turkey and some more traditional favorites all on marbled rye bread. Yelpers rave about the quality of the meats here, and also love that they have a handful of vegetarian options for the non-meat eaters. You can't go wrong with a latke, and they also serve egg sandwiches and crispy cauliflower with a pastrami-spiced sauce. Who knew how good vegetarian food at a deli could be!

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